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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Truth About Cardio Part 3

By: Eduardo Lorenzo

About a month or so I posted a couple of blogs on cardio and interval training for fat loss. If you missed them you can check them out here.

The Truth About Cardio Part 1
The Truth About Cardio Part 2

I did mention I would then write a Part 3, mostly about circuit training, cross training and Boot Camp; as a way to incorporate some real interval training into your program. However, in light of some questions I have received I either left something unexplained or I need to address this in a different way. (Plus I have taken like forever to finally follow up with it…)

Anyways, someone asked me, ‘when do I perform my cardio training’… Well for you let me start by stating that I hate cardio, I’m sorry to say it but I do… I mean I don’t know about you, but I don’t look forward to spending my time on the treadmill. For some folks it’s their passion and I respect that; just like exercise, weight training and sports is mine and not yours.

However you can ask anyone that knows me and has trained with me that I am always pushing the cardio issue, encouraging them to get started on their cardio program that I have laid out for them. See one thing is to hate and despise it, and another is to realize you’ll go nowhere without it, no major weight loss, no fat burning no cardiovascular conditioning, you get the point.

Essentially we need 3 things to be successful at our fitness goals: nutrition – exercise – cardio.

If you are like me then you must come up with ways to incorporate your cardio into your lifestyle. And let me tell you there are lots of ways to get this done and maximize your energy expenditure effect.

You can do regular cardio on the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, join a group fitness class if you need to move your hips, there is also indoor cycling; all of which you can accomplish at Electra. Some folks decide to take it outdoors and do some bike riding or practice some sports while spending time with the family – nice!

You can also do circuit style training, which is basically just going through a series of exercises (usually 4 to 6) one after the other with little to no rest till you finish it off, for a couple of sets. For some it’s a great way of training – just be aware that if the gym is crowded it is somewhat difficult to take over a few machines, dumbbells and space to do it all. With practice, a good program and some manners you’ll probably be fine.

Now I want to take the time and talk to you about Boot Camp. Both Project Boot Camp and the Women’s Only Boot Camp that I run at Electra are a results-driven conditioning program that usually run for 6 weeks. It is conducted in an outdoor environment, which utilizes to a degree some military-style format, coupled with the most progressive, innovative and creative exercises in fitness today.

There is a lot of running, sports conditioning drills and a lot of upper and lower body exercises. And there is nothing stopping you as you are challenged every single day to get the most out of it – now this is my type of cardio, I actually look forward to doing this every single time.

Trust me you’ll burn lots of calories in a single hour of boot camp. In general most campers usually lose 5 to 15 pounds and about 2 to 5 percent of body fat during the program.

If you want to see results, if you want to get in shape fast, if you need to get out of the boredom and need a challenging workout that will take you to the next level; then I encourage you to enlist in Boot Camp as you won’t regret it.

If you’ve been thinking about it call me at Electra 941-729-6900 or send me an e-mail and I can answer all of your questions, while helping you get in the best shape of your life.

If you want to know more about Boot Camp you can go to this link: What is Boot Camp?

I look forward to seeing you in my next Boot Camp!

Author: Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


By: Eduardo Lorenzo

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Boot Camp. What is it? Are you going to yell at me – is it intimidating – can I handle it and keep up?

Boot Camp is a dynamic program that focuses on high intensive outdoor exercises. We train outside rain or shine. It is a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular training, sport specific and military drills, flexibility, and core training, along with chanting, singing, and loads of fun! By far is one of the best ways to get in shape fast!

At Boot Camp, I am not going to stand over you and yell at you with intimidating tactics to do more. I will push and motivate you though. And I expect the very best from everyone that participates. You only owe it yourself – Like I always say “Victory is reserved for those willing to pay the price.” You will learn to push yourself, mainly because it’s only human nature to challenge yourself when you are in a group setting. Of course not everyone is athletically inclined, but by being surrounded by a group of people who support and encourage you; you’re naturally only going to do better.

My goal is to create an empowering environment that will challenge you and make you better. It is about getting in shape, but it’s also about nutrition and about being better at everything that you do. You will learn to take your body to its limit and beyond.

But make no mistake it is still Boot Camp and I do expect you to always show up in time, shut up, pay attention and give 100% as there is no slacking. It is about intensity, commitment, discipline, courage, effort, teamwork, sweat, dedication and PRIDE!!!

At Electra I run two Boot Camps: Project BootCamp, which is early morning at 6:30am Tuesday and Friday’s; and Women Only Boot Camp which is at 9:30am Tuesday and Thursday.

So what to expect when you enlist in Boot Camp – You will lose weight, lose body fat, tone and firm up your body, you will improve your posture, you will sleep better, you will gain confidence, and you will look and feel your best.

Just remember this: Any trainer can get you tired – but a true fitness specialist will make you better!

For more information on our Boot Camp program contact us at 941-729-6900 or send us an e-mail at

Author: Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Be part of this intense outdoor fitness experience that includes military drills, sports - skill & strength training, cardio endurance, obstacle courses & much more.
TUESDAY & FRIDAY @ 6:30am * STARTS JULY 21 Program Cost: $180.00

Expected Results When You Complete Boot Camp:Body Fat Reduction - Weight Loss - Gain Muscle Tone & Strength - Enhanced Conditioning & Agility - Greatly Improve Posture - 100% Gain in Self Confidence - Look and Feel Your Best

"The Ultimate Fitness Experience"
Join Drill Instructor: Eduardo Lorenzo
* There is a Pre-Camp individual evaluation before the start of the program
for your nutrition and fitness assessment.

Victory is Reserved for Those Willing to Pay the Price!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Road to Recovery

by: Eduardo Lorenzo

Being injured is no joke, trust me. After seeing my performance go way down as I suffered from a strained oblique muscle, I know how it feels… It’s like something from your life is missing, at least for me it was.

For those of you wondering a strained oblique muscle is not your usual type of injury, yet now a day you can see it more and more in athletes, especially baseball players. What causes this injury - maybe some sort of movement, rotation on the torso, overtraining of some muscles in your body, and a lot of other stuff could be the cause (every case would be different). Regardless of the type of injury – if it’s not extremely serious that requires surgery, in which case get on the way to the doc – how can you prevent them or better yet recover properly from it?

Besides the need of some prescription or over the counter drugs to fight inflammation (again see your doc), there are two things that are essential: flexibility and self-myofascial release or SMR.

First: How does flexibility help overall recovery and results in a training program? Flexibility is an important component of achieving and maintaining healthy, full range of motion around the joints. It’s important to check the range of motion, and only stretch muscles when the fibers are short and tight as opposed to long and tight.

Second: what is self-myofacial release (SMR) and how it helps? Self-myofascial release (SMR) massage can be defined as an interactive soft tissue release technique that requires to put pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue (fascia to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers), the golgi tendon organs also help trigger relaxation of the muscle spindles, helping dissipate the adhesions, increasing blood flow to the muscle fibers and thus enhancing overall movement. FEW... Did I lose you?

I know it can be complicated but when you understand how your musculoskeletal system works then it’s easy to understand most of what I just wrote. The simple explanation however, is that by performing self-myofacial release techniques on a simple piece of foam roll (you’ve seen these in the gym and no! they are not there for decoration only), they will help in the following ways:

  • improve body composition, flexibility, function, performance

  • reduce joint stiffness, muscle tightness and more importantly injuries.

Simply stated, use your own body weight to roll on the round foam roll, massaging away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility. Furthermore, you can perform this program in the convenience of your own home – If you feel you look weird moving around the foam roll when everyone else is watching.

Try this sequence: Start by searching the tissues for tenderness. If tenderness is identified, hold foam roll on the “hot-spot” for 10-12 sec. Repeat by coming back to area 3-5 times or until tenderness has subsided ( I won’t lie to you depending on how tight you may be it can be painful). If it’s too much to handle, release some of tension or dispense body weight over a greater surface.

Don’t perform SMR foam roll technique if you are not feeling well, have unbearable pain, acute rheumatoid arthritis or painful varicose veins; and never perform this over your lower back area.

I know that some of you will go online and search for proper spots to perform SMR foam roll (as haven’t loaded a sequence of pictures). If you are truly interested send me an e-mail and I will send you for FREE a sheet that includes proper exercises to perform with the foam roll.

However sometimes you may still need the help of a professional, in my case I did go to my doc, I used the SMR foam roll technique and I used our very own Elizabeth’s Mondragon deep tissue massage therapy services. And I’ll tell you has helped a lot on my road to recovery. If you’re interested send me an e-mail or call the front desk and set an appointment.

Stay fit my friends!

Author: Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.