Sunday, August 23, 2009


Manatee County Premier Fitness Boot Camp and Personal Training for Men and Women of all Shapes and Sizes is here to help you get in the best shape of your life.

This time there is no excuses as our Boot Camp is now with an extended schedule and at different locations. You can train at Electra Health Club & Spa or join us at Rossi Park.

Boot Camp schedule is at convenient times like:
Project Boot Camp is Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 6:15AM
Ladies Only is Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30AM (FREE Child Care!!!)
Boot Camp Afterhours is Tuesday & Thursday at 6:45PM (Rossi Park, Bradenton)
Saturday Boot Camp at 9:00AM (Rossi Park, Bradenton)

Boot Camp will provide the following:
* Convenient Times and Locations to Train & Get in Shape
* 1 Hour of Full Blast Outdoor Workouts for Busy Men & Women
* Nutritional Guidance, Meal Plans, Jump Start Weight Loss Natural Detox Plan & Seminars
* Exclusive Inner Circle E-mail Newsletter focus on one thing... YOU!
* Boot Camp T-Shirt & Water Bottle

Expected Results When You Complete Boot Camp:
Body Fat Reduction - Weight Loss - Gain Muscle Tone & Strength - Enhanced Conditioning & Agility - Greatly Improve Posture - 100% Gain in Self Confidence - Look and Feel Your Best

Want a Taste of our Fitness Boot Camp See It In Action




* There is a Pre-Camp individual evaluation before the start of the program
for your nutrition and fitness assessment.

Victory is Reserved for Those Willing to Pay the Price!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Exercise and Losing Weight

I’m outraged… naaaa just a bit (I won’t give them the pleasure), it’s all because of an article that came out in Time Magazine about a week or two ago. I usually read the magazine, but before I had the chance one of my clients walks into the gym and greets me with “have you read the latest news: we are wasting our time with exercise”…

To my surprise this is a guy that in little over 6 months has lost close to 70 pounds and over 100 in the last year. So obviously I had to go online and read the entire article, which is called “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”.

You know I love controversy, but the nerve of this guy is off the charts… or is it really? Maybe he is on to something… wait a minute!

I’m a guy who makes 100% of my living making people better. Put bluntly I know how to get you in shape, in a fast, reliable and healthy manner; all through exercise as one of the 3 main components of my training programs; all of which I have accomplished through years of experience, research, trial and error (and I keep trying to be better at it). So pardon me if I get all defensive, when some guy who doesn’t have a PHD in exercise, isn’t a RD, nutritionist, trainer, aka he is nothing in the fitness, health nor wellness industry, comes up with this conclusion and puts it out there, when he knows that millions of people will read it and probably take to heart, as it seems that most people just believe whatever they feel like it rather than go by reason and logic.

He believes that exercise makes us fat. To quote some of his work, he says (and he’s quoting from another researcher): “in general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless”… - Also he said: “pushing people to exercise more is contributing to our obesity problem”.

To his defense and those whom he quotes on his article, he says that the problem lays in the effect that weight training can have in your body… it makes you hungry and so you eat more. Plus there’s a psychological aspect to it that when you exercise you may feel inclined to eat more or bad stuff since you can probably work it off with sweat.

Yes there is an emotional aspect to our behavior; yet I for one can’t agree to this entirely. We’ve become a society that tries to justify everything and then blame it on someone or something else. We are at fault for our actions or lack there of.

Honestly, is a couch potato going to be in better shape, lose more weight and be healthier than hard working folks who squeeze in a workout in the early morning, at lunch time or at night, against all odds? I don’t think so!

Yet I am not blind and have to admit that many people who go to the gym, workout at home or are just plain active all the time, they don’t always lose weight. In fact, and I’m sorry to say it, some people look the same way I’ve seen them in the last 6 months. Others just can’t lose those extra 10 pounds that surrounds their mid-section. Some people are fine with this but for most it can be quite discouraging. So, why can’t you lose that weight? Is this journalist right? Does exercise makes us fat?

To lose weight the equation is quite simple, burn more calories than what you consume. So exercise “DONE PROPERLY & IN AN EFFECTIVE WAY” will help you accomplish this, as it will not only burn calories, but also help jump start your metabolism.

But losing weight is not that simple, if it where everyone would be losing it. It comes down to 3 factors, exercise, nutrition and cardio. Folks... without proper nutrition you won’t lose weight, plain and simple. And if you skip on your cardio program, then sorry you will never lose weight.

Interesting a while ago I wrote two articles about this: Why You Can’t Lose Weight and Weight Loss Guidelines. Neither was focused on exercise!!!... Funny!

If, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!

The truth: exercise alone, cardio alone, or even nutrition alone won’t make a better you. It will improve your overall physical self though, but if you made it to this part of this article you definitely want more than just average. You want to look good, feel good, you want to be sexy and in the best shape of your life, for whatever reasons you can imagine… I won’t judge!

Exercise will make you better, improve the quality of your life, reduce the possibility of contracting a disease, strengthen your muscles and bones, fight aging, help you reduce stress and improve your sleep patterns, improve your sex life (without pills)… OH! It will also help you lose weight, more importantly body fat.

Now a days anyone can write whatever they want (including me) but with all the information out there, it is our responsibility to communicate this in a manner that will motivate and help people get finally off the couch and do something with their lives. The fact is he slashed his own personal trainer(maybe on purpose) on national media; maybe this journalist should hire me as his trainer; I bet and I put my money on it that it will take me 90 days or less to get him in the best shape of his life.

He is far away and probably doesn’t wants my money, but if you’ve been struggling with your fitness goals or feel you’ve hit a plateau, or worse yet you’ve never done exercise: fear no more I am here to help you. I would love to hear your story and together see how we can improve your life and physique.

Call me, send me an e-mail or visit me at Electra Health Club & Spa.

Recipe of the Month

Hello All,

I know that it has been a while since my last blog, I apologize for that. I do intend to send more on menopause and workouts, but for now I would like to get your reaction and recipes. I am starting a recipe of the month club, so start sending in your favorite nutritional recipes. I will post them so that we can all keep up with our healthy lifestyles. Nutrition is very important when we are trying to reach our goals. We should keep eating good meals to help with our hard workouts.

This month's recipe is: ALMOND-ORANGE CHICKEN

1/4 cup sliced almonds
1 tbsp peanut or vegetable oil
4 skinless,boneless chicken breast
1/2 cup chopped shallots
3 oz mushrooms, sliced
1/3 cup orange marmalade
3 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
orange slices (optional)

Place almonds in large nonstick skillet, toast over medium heat, stirring for about 5 minutes, remove to plate. Add oil to same pan over medium heat, then add chicken to warm oil heating for 5 minutes or until no longer pink, occasionally turning then remove to plate.Add shallots to pan cook 5 minutes or until soft. Add mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms render their juices,about 5 minutesStir in soy sauce, marmalade, and pepper.Return chicken to pan with almonds and orange slices (if using), serve over toasted almond pilaf or rice.

Per serving: 265 calories, 20g protein, 26g carbohydrates, 10g fat, 46mg cholesterol, and 818mg sodium, 1g fiber.

Hope you enjoy the recipe of the month, please e-mail me with your comments to our blogs and get those recipes in, I would love to post them.

Keep working hard and thanks,

Tammy Bryant, ISSA - Fitness Specialist

Monday, August 17, 2009


ARE YOU READY? If you are then there are no excuses as BOOTCAMP is now available in a new schedule Monday through Saturday A.M. & P.M.

This is the break down for you:
(which currently runs Tuesday & Friday at 6:30AM) will now be MON - WED - FRI at 6:15AM - The program will run for 4 weeks in a row. Start up dates for this PROJECT BOOT CAMP is AUGUST 31st - SEPTEMBER 28 - OCTOBER 26 (Limited to only 15 SPOTS) Program Cost $180.00

LADIES BOOT CAMP will keep on Tuesday's & Thursday's at 9:30AM. The program will run for 4 weeks in a row. Start up dates for next program will be on SEPTEMBER 15 - OCTOBER 13 (We might have a special 4 day BOOT CAMP on NOV 10,12,17 & 19 -TBD) (Limited to only 12 Spots) Program Cost $120.00
NEW! EVENING BOOT CAMP will be held at ROSSI PARK in Bradenton on Tuesday & Thursday's at 6:45PM (The program will run for 4 weeks in a row. (Across the Green Bridge - 5 minutes from Electra) Limited to only 20 spots. Start up date is on September 8 - October 6 will run for only 2 periods of 4 weeks. Program Cost $120.00

OPEN CLASS SATURDAY BOOT CAMP will be held at ROSSI PARK in Bradenton on Saturday's at 9:00AM (Across the Green Bridge - 5 minutes from Electra) Limited to only 20 spots. This is an OPEN CLASS - (no shirts - no nutrition program - no prior fitness assessment, JUST HARD WORK & FUN FOR AN HOUR!) HOWEVER DUE TO LIMITED SPACE (20 RECRUITS ONLY) FOR SATURDAY BOOT CAMP YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY FRIDAY OF THE WEEK YOU ARE PLAINING TO ATTEND. YOU CAN PURCHASE IN ADVANCE A BLOCK OF CLASSES AND SAVE YOUR SPOT AS OPEN CLASS IS ONLY $15.00 EACH.


OUR CURRENT SPECIAL IS: 3 months of Boot Camp for $297, that is $243 OFF....
There is NO WAY you will not see HUGE results from this plan......

4th July
If on PROJECT BOOT CAMP You can choose to start in August 31 through Nov 20 and you will be set.

  • From the time you start, you will get a total of 12 weeks of boot camp over the next 3 months.

  • You will get a BC T-Shirt, Newsletter and a Nutrition Program

  • We will start your first days off with a new NATURAL Detox Program (this is optional to do) and this alone is a $50 value. Most people will lose 5 - 10lbs in the first 10days. Great way to start it off.......

  • You will continue after the detox with a plan to keep it off and even see more off.
3 months of Boot Camp for $297, that is $243 OFF....
There is NO WAY you will not see HUGE results from this plan......

will have a special 2 month for $198.00 - That's $42.00 SAVINGS!!!

Plus you will get the same features from above....
First send us an e-mail to confirm. Second print this information and bring it to the Front Desk at Electra, make your payment and fill out the registration if you haven't done so yet (Those currently on any Boot Camp program do not need to do this).

OH REMEMBER this offer has been extended to be good till Wednesday August 19, 9:00P.M. and spaces are limited, so do not wait..... NO EXCEPTIONS!

You can also purchase individual Boot Camp programs if you desire...

Boot Camp Rocks and we are ready for you.......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be careful with diet pills

by Eduardo Lorenzo

A friend of mine passed this article on to me from the New York Times and I thought that I should share it with any one who has or is currently taking any type of thermogenic, energy pill or fat burner. If you know me well enough then you would know that I've never been a huge supporter of diet pills, or any other extreme method available for weight loss.

Yeah, caffeine might be good for you in moderation, and there are some studies about the benefits of having caffeine before a training session; I sure have my cup almost every morning. But as far as fat burners are concerned, I've never really been a big fan. Some of my friends are professional bodybuilders, models, athletes, etc. and some of them have tried and still use some fat burners; some say it gives them an edge some complain it makes them feel jittery, nauseous and sketchy… I don’t want to go through that. So the issue is, are they safe? Well let’s use Hydroxycut as our example.

If you are not familiar with Hydroxycut, it is just another brand of fat burners and weight loss supplements and they have recently had some of their products pulled from store shelves because the FDA has received 23 reports of significant adverse health effects in people that have used Hydroxycut products, including tissue and liver damage, a liver transplant, heart problems and a possible death. 14 of their products have been recalled…hmmm… almost makes me speechless.

Obviously if you have been taking or are currently taking any of these weight loss and energy boosting products then you must stop immediately! Be sure to consult your physician if you experience any symptoms or side effects!

My concern is, that if you are trying these products it’s because everything else you have tried has either failed or you just don’t have a clear direction of how to reach your goals. Worst yet I worry you might jump into the next rip off gadget or weight loss fantasy program and end up either broke, sick and disappointed.

I realize all of us have our own reasons why we want to be in shape, look good, feeling good and be healthy. So if you are truly committed to reaching your goals do yourself a favor, contact me and let’s schedule your FREE fitness and nutrition consultation.

By working together and utilizing my unique and effective ways of training, through my APFIT Program along with sound nutritional guidelines, WE CAN AND WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

My commitment to you is that I’ll create a solid integrated fitness plan tailored to your specific needs and help you all through the way to achieve your results and help you learn what you need to do to keep them and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Author: Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.