Friday, August 1, 2008

Myths About Personal Training

Here are three misconceptions about personal training.
By Robert Vecchioni

Misconception- Using a personal trainer is too expensive.
Truth- This is the most common misconception. Hiring a personal trainer does not need to break your bank. In both Sarasota and Los Angeles, I have had clients train with me as many times as five days per week. Obviously, this was a very effective method to get into great shape, but not everyone can financially afford this approach.

I have also had clients who train with me only once per month. Members who have a tight budget can ration their personal training packages by setting appointments once per week, once every two weeks or even once a month.

Another option is partner sessions, in which a member splits the cost of a personal trainer with a friend, and they train together with the trainer. In any of these scenarios, our members can benefit from having the guidance of a personal trainer, regardless of their financial abilities.

Misconception-I already know what to do, and so I don't need a trainer.

Truth- This is a ridiculous myth, because even professional powerlifters and professional body builders use personal trainers. Powerlifters and body builders definitely know what they are doing, they are professionals and make a living out of fitness. They know that having a great personal trainer can make the difference in their success.

Misconception- A personal trainer is merely a luxury.

Truth-Personal training is no longer a luxury for only the "rich and famous" . Most anyone can utilize a personal trainer, it is just a matter of sitting down with a qualified professional and discussing fitness goals and available budget.

A personal trainer is not a luxury, it's a great investment in your health and well-being! At Electra Health Club and Spa, we are very proud to offer some of the best certified personal trainers in the region! Please come in and speak with us if we can answer any questions regarding the benefits of using a personal trainer.

Robert Vecchioni, co-owner of Electra, is a Florida licensed acupuncture physician. He also is a certified personal trainer who has worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years.

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