Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Blend Institute for Age Management and Wellness

Electra Health Club & Spa is proud to announce the arrival of Tim Blend,MD and Kim Blend, ARNP. They have moved their medical practice to our facilities here at Electra Health Club & Spa.

Dr. Blend and his staff at "The Blend Institute for Age Management and Wellness" believe the primary goal for health care should be the optimization of health and the prevention of disease rather than waiting until treatment is required. This preventive medical approach will continue to help all of us put an end to the aging effects caused by stress, toxins and poor nutrition.

The experienced Team at "The Institute", offer state of the art clinical services in the following categories:

  • Women's and Men's Health through Natural Hormonal Balancing

  • Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia testing and balancing

  • Physical Therapy

  • Weight Loss, Medical Aesthetics

  • IV Therapy and Chelation

  • Functional Internal Medicine

  • And along with Electra Health Club & Spa, Personal Fitness and Nutrition.

At Electra, we are very excited about this opportunity. And as you can see this goes hand in hand with the vision we share. Our commitment is to help improve the overall quality lifestyle of our members, by creating love for health and fitness. This is just another step in the right direction.

Soon you will see the start of the initial phase of their practice at our facilities. The "Institute" will be fully operational by the end of February 2010.

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