Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boot Camp Update

Wow! This has certainly been an awesome beginning for our Fitness Boot Camp. Last week we tipped off with our teaser class Boot Camp to get everyone started and warmed up for what is headed their way in the following weeks.

I have to be honest and tell you that I’m super exited for some of the things I have in store for everyone at Boot Camp.

Yesterday… we couldn’t have wished for a better start on our official Boot Camp day with the rain and cold weather hitting us hard. But these guys stood strong and tall and endured the cold, the rain and the pain. Everyone is starting to pull together well and I am proud of all the effort the guys are giving.

Boot Camp is all about making you strong, fit and capable of doing things you never thought possible. It’s having to face your challenges through discipline and exercise which in turn delivers results in a way that affects not only your physique (which those enlisted will be rocking and in top condition pretty soon) but also the way you see life and approach things knowing that you are capable of overcoming anything that gets in your way. It’s a combination of our physical, mental and spiritual state; because you need to dig deep within yourself and realize you are much capable than what you think, and that all things are possible if we have the right attitude.

Wrap-up: For those of you enlisted in the Boot Camp, hang in there. For those of you thinking about it; registration is still open till May 22, 2009 for our final 3 spots. After that you will have to wait for our next Boot Camp program.

Some pictures from Boot Camp:

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