Thursday, October 1, 2009

It’s Time To Get Cross!!!!

by: Paul Boisvert - NSPA Certified Conditioning Specialist

Wednesday morning marks the start of Electra’s Cross Conditioning Class. The class is designed to take you to places that you would not go alone. Cross Conditioning constantly shifts from core training to aerobic training to weight training with 60 second intervals. This method raises the intensity level as it conditions your body for more overall strength and endurance. This will enhance your performance with all your workouts throughout the week. As I have said before, performance is what brings on the results. It’s not just a matter of showing up. Ideally the objective of each workout session is to set the stage for a stronger performance in the next workout. If you are not striving to take it up a notch with each workout, your fitness goals will remain a fantasy. The fact remains that your body adapts to the same workout pattern quickly so it is in your best interest to vary the way you train. A body that is well adapted to a fitness program does not reach its fat-burning potential. The Cross Conditioning class changes each week. Each class consists of continual transitions from one type of training to the next. Please check out our updated class schedule for Cross Conditioning and other changes.

When you attend:
Please bring a water bottle. A heart rate monitor is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Please use the following contact information regarding any questions or comments. (941) 729-6900

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